Delivery Information

  • When do you send the product?

    Our products are delivered to Cargo within 7-14 working days according to order density.

  • Will I Pay For The Cargo?

    The xDrive all the products are free shipping in Turkey

  • Looks as Free Shipping. Is free shipping available if the delivery address is Cyprus or Azerbaijan?

    Free shipping option is only available for delivery addresses within the borders of Turkey

  • What's the status report?

    It is the content determination document prepared under the supervision of the cargo officer upon the request of the person who delivered the cargo.

  • What is the status report?

    The due diligence report is the document you will need to arrange for the courier to return it on delivery. If your product is missing, defective or other than that specified, you should have the cargo prepare this document.

  • Can the billing address and delivery address be different?

    You can choose your billing address the same as your delivery address or enter a different address. My account the menu My address you can update your address information or add a new address from the page. When ordering Address Selection You can add a new address or choose from your registered addresses by clicking Add New Address button.

  • How do I change the current shipping address?

    You can change the delivery address until you approve your store order. If you want to make changes at the delivery address of the product you ordered My account the menu Current Orderopen the page. You can edit the information by clicking on the address field at the top of the order you want to change. If your order has been approved, you may not be able to change the address since the store may have given the product to the cargo.