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*xDrive produces player seats that are compatible with the body structure that reduces the risk of fatigue and health problems caused by long-term studies.

*xDrive products have different models that serve different body structures that you can choose according to your working style.

*xDrive products can be adjusted quickly from the high quality mechanism that allows you to make personal adjustments.

*xDrive products are the ideal choice for any workspace from professional players to home and offices.

*the xDrive products ' backrest provides a tilt back to 40 to 180 degrees (varies depending on Model). it can be limited at the desired angle and fixed in the upright position.

*xDrive products usually use a 3-function armrest ın this way minimizes the risk of discomfort in the elbow and wrist.

*xDrive neck and lumbar support height can be adjusted to your body size to minimize discomfort in your neck and waist.

*xDrive products use high-quality materials, consumables have German quality certification (GS) and Turkish Standards Certificate of Conformity (TSE)

*Sports sewing details in XDrive products increase your motivation by giving a sporty look to the area you use.

*xDrive products are guaranteed for 2 years, including technical team and extensive service network

*xDrive has 7/24 communication support from communication channels to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

*xDrive products are being sent assembled to you.

*xDrive products come with a user manual and warranty certificate.

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